Rudolphis Italian Bakery and Deli

Cookies have been the cornerstone of Rudolphi's Italian Bakery and Deli from day one. Whether consulting with skilled bakers from the US and abroad or pouring over recipes for new ideas, we are always trying to expand our offerings in ways that reflect our ties to traditional Italian cooking and the American context.

One of the most popular cookie types from Italy is the biscotto. Americans are accustomed to seeing this word in the plural, biscotti. For Italians, this word, which encompasses all cookies, refers both to the product and the process, since "bis cotto" means "twice cooked." Don't be surprised to see the term used both for the popular long, crunchy dunking cookie you might choose to pair with your morning coffee, as well as the small round delight that you can't stop sneaking as a snack, here on our website.

Three Color Cookie


Biscotti Tray

Anise Toast

Biscotti Albicocche

Biscotti Pinoli



Chocolate Covered Macaroons

Coconut Macaroons


Nunna's Biscotti

Pecan Balls


Biscotti Regina